I identify as a self-made women. I grew up in poverty, as a child of single mother forced to create a path for myself. As a young person, I was left to my own devices including working full-time to support myself while obtaining a bachelor’s from the University of Maine at Augusta. During this time, I worked in the mental health field taking care of Maine’s persistently mentally ill. This allowed me the opportunity to understand Maine’s social service systems. I worked closely with clients helping them understand their rights and teaching them to advocate for themselves.

Several years later, I found myself volunteering and working for a branch of the Department of Conservation creating and maintaining trail structures for land trusts, public parks and the Maine Appalachian Trail. This experience was profound in understanding the significant role Maine’s natural resources and landscapes plays in our identity, economy and spirit. I occupied this role for ten years doing hard labor thus gaining an understanding of what it means to be a trades person in Maine.

Even further down the road, I found myself again working full-time while obtaining an advanced degree to become a License Clinical Professional Counselor. After several years working with those in the most poverty stricken conditions, I opened my own business and practice. Having worked with Maine’s struggling citizens, I have been blessed with an inside perspective on how people function and what motivates them. I have come to clearly understand their fears, tragedies and joys.

In addition, I am a mother raising amazingly head-strong children, with an ever growing homestead with the aim of sustainability. This is important because as people we must understand our own ability to survive and take care of our own. We must keep, develop and preserve information that helps us stay intrinsically motivated towards self-efficacy.

Lastly, I am running for the house to preserve choice. No matter what the issue, in the end the only person who knows best for you, is you. The only person who can help you, is you. This is the motto in my life, my practice and as a politician. 

Protected 2nd Amendment Rights

The right to protect yourself and your family is fundamental and should never be restricted. 

Medical Freedom

No one should be able to tell you what's best for you or your family.  Sovereignty over ones own body is a basic human right.  

Social Service Reform

Social services are needed but they need to be smart, effective and used to help build potential. We need to use our budget wisely and create proactive strategies to help Mainer's thrive.